About Permaculture Saskatchewan


Permaculture Saskatchewan is a volunteer-driven organization that strengthens the capacity of the permaculture community in Saskatchewan through education, resource sharing, and community- building activities.


Permaculture Saskatchewan embraces its role as an ecological leader and engages in activities that build more resilient, connected and empowered communities, whereby we can live in a mutually benefical relationship with the earth.


Build Capacity. Expand the knowledge and practice of permaculture in the SK community.

Connect Community. Strengthen the community of permaculture practitioners in SK and individuals interested in ecological design through intentional gatherings, shared experiences, and resource sharing.

Create Sustainable Communities. Use permaculture principles to bring about actions and interactions that contribute to human and ecological health and wellbeing.


To Promote ecological thinking and permaculture principles.

To Inspire diverse, productive and regenerative design.

To Engage Community through intentional gatherings and shared experiences.

To Build Capacity through education, resource sharing and hands-on learning.

To Enact and Embody the principles of permaculture.

To Include all people who wish to be a part of SK’s permaculture community.