Applied Permaculture: Resiliency Planning for a Changing Climate – Thursday July 24, 2014

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An evening presentation by Tayler Krawcyzck and Solara Goldwynn of Hatchet & Seed

Designing cities, farms & backyards for energy efficient food production & water use

This presentation by Solara Goldwynn & Tayler Krawczyck of Hatchet & Seed will use the lense of permaculture design to re-think some of the major issues we face as citizens, cities and regions in light of a changing climate. We will examine positive, integrative solutions to the issues of flood/drought, food security, and energy and resource management.

Time: 7:00 pm

Place: Unitarian Congregation of Saskatoon – 213 2nd Street East in Saskatoon

Cost: $10

                                                                                                              Saskatoon Applied Permaculture Workshop

Please join us for an informative and thought provoking evening.

Tayler and Solara will be leading a one-day workshop on Saturday July 26

– Edible Landscaping 101

How to create a yard you can eat using permaculture design!

followed by an optional permablitz on Sunday July 27.

About Hatchet & Seed, Solara and Tayler      

Hatchet & Seed is an eco-social enterprise based on Southern Vancouver Island; in North Saanich, BC.

We help clients who want to apply a permaculture design framework to their projects to ensure a successful completion. Projects we support include: edible landscape transitions, community orchards, permaculture design education, water harvesting earthworks and multifunctional, carbon sequestering tree systems.

Since 2010, we’ve served a broad range of clients: residential, commercial, institutional, agricultural and community organizations.

Solara Goldwynn
Solara’s passion for permaculture design has seen her complete two Permaculture Design Certificates as well play a Teacher’s Assistant role in an Urban Permaculture Design Course. With a BA in Environmental Studies and Anthropology, she sees regenerative agriculture as a key strategy for environmental & cultural wellbeing.

Solara is now living and working on a 3-acre polycultural Garden Farm in North Saanich, BC.  Current work includes the propagation of hundreds of multi-functional perennial plants for Hatchet & Seed projects, teaching applied permaculture workshops and consulting for organizations who seek to apply permaculture thinking to their operations.

Tayler Krawczyk
Tayler grew up on the prairies of Saskatchewan with a keen interest in social and environmental justice. After a degree in International Development Studies and 5 years the working in the forest industry (in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Britain) he moved to Victoria, BC in 2010 to pursue further education in organic horticulture and permaculture design. He’s now honing his skills as a small business owner and project manager with a goal to ensure solutions based ecological landscape development.

He’s keen to play an active role in shifting the way we utilize land on this planet for our own sustenance, from an extractive paradigm to one that is regenerative.