Rocket Stove Heated Earthen Oven & Thermal Mass Bench Building Workshop – evenings of July 29 & 30, 2015

Cob Oven and Heated Bench Build

Montreal Avenue South, Saskatoon

6:00 – 9:00 pm each evening

Check out this exciting workshop being offered by WE Cob Natural Earthen Ovens.

Cost is $40 for one evening or $70 for both.  To join and receive exact address email:

or call Steve at 361-6068 or Dayle at 668-3907.

Inquire about Permaculture Saskatchewan member discounts and group prices.

Limit of 15 participants (don’t worry about crowding, if we have 15 people then 2 ovens will be built, one we’ll take away after or you could buy and take to your home!)

cob oven

For this workshop we are going to do a first; combine a cob oven with a thermal-mass heater. This means that while heating and using the oven, the excess heat will be redirected through a bench, heating it up and allowing for a slow release of heat for an extended period of time.

There will be a lot to build and learn, so we hope you can make it out for those 2 evenings at the end of July.