December Potluck, Solstice Celebration & Gift Exchange – Thursday December 19, 2013

Please join us for our December potluck, Solstice celebration and Gift Exchange which takes place at the Saskatoon Food Bank &Learning Centre – 202 Avenue C South (between 20th and 21st Street) the evening of December 19.

As is our custom doors open at 6 pm. We will eat at about 6:30 followed by clean-up.  At 7:30 we share the surplus by way of a gift exchange.

Here’s how it works.

Bring a modest gift from home. Do not buy anything.

– This could be something you’ve made – art, a craft, baking, cooking, preserves, produce from you garden or farm . . .

– Or you can bring a used item (that is still serviceable) from your home – something you no longer use but someone else could and might love, perhaps you have two of something and only need one – household item, gardening item, a book, a game . . .

Please wrap your gift, but do not put your name on it. Do not buy wrapping paper.

– If you have old wrapping paper go ahead and use it.

– Or you could use newspaper, old magazines, or fabric to wrap your gift.

– Or put it in a bag or a box or a tin or a cauldron – decorate it up if you like – or not.

The important thing is to bring a modest gift from your home that someone else might like and wrap it.

How the exchange proceeds –

Each person who participates places their gift on the table and draws a number. Person #1 picks one of the creatively wrapped gifts and opens it. Person #2 picks another wrapped gift or takes the unwrapped gift from person #1 who can then choose another gift from the table. And so it goes – stealing, trading and general merriment ensues.

So bring some food to share. Bring a wrapped gift and join us for an evening of fun.

Once again, the food bank has kindly offered us their space to use, so if you remember, please bring a non-perishable food item for the food bank.

Everyone welcome. We hope to see you there.

The permaculture ethic that underlies all of our actions is three-fold and simply put consists of Earth Care,  People Care and Share the Surplus,  sometimes called Fair Share or Limit Consumption.